Oct 28, 2011

Halloween, General Glam style...

Happy Halloween weekend to everyone!! I'm hours away from what is sure to be an amazing weekend with some fab ladies. One of my besties, and fellow blogger, is celebrating her birthday and the ratchetness is sure to ensue... in a good way of course! Our big Dominican Republic trip is on deck within a few months, so we're keeping things lowkey, yet still fabulous with a staycation weekend of sorts.

General Glam

I had no luck finding my favorite Halloween costume EVER from 2008, (I still have this costume, but it's packed away at my house in Arizona...) and those 3 costumes I bought back in 2009 and didn't get to wear? Those are in Arizona too... packed in a box lol.

This year I opted to go back to my 2008 military inspiration and picked up the "General Glam" costume!! I'm pretty much obsessed with this, but we'll see how everything comes together tonight. The club we're heading to has wreaked HAVOC on my natural hair in the past (i.e. it's a fucking sweat box), so I'm going to arm myself with bobby pins, a hair tie, and the hat that (thankfully) my costume came with.

What are your holiday plans?

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