Jul 6, 2011

Taking a break...

While I was visiting Chicago something dawned on me - - I went 11 days without watching ANY reality TV shows. In fact, I only watched one show during those 11 days - - Beyonce's CNN interview with Piers Morgan. (Sidebar: I really enjoyed the interview and can't remember the last time I saw her showing so much personality) 

During that much needed break I realized how nice it was to be out living life and not just watching folks do stuff on the tube. When I got home and settled in a bit I grabbed the remote and started making my way through the mess that was my DVR. SO many shows were in there for me to watch and it was slightly daunting being faced with the fact that I had fallen about 2 episodes behind on many of my favs. Halfway through watching The Real Housewives of New York I decided to do something drastic - - I just started deleting all of my shows!!! Yes, me -- the self-admitted reality TV junkie was going to just go cold turkey and give up 95% of the crap I watched.

Maybe I'm still on a "Chicago high," but being a zombie in front of the TV for countless hours during the week isn't appealing to me. I want to be active and out living life - - even if I'm in SC lol. I could be doing SO many other things with my time besides watching grown woman make fools out of themselves for a reality check.

After my super clean sweeping session the only reality shows that were left unscathed were: Keeping up with the Kardashians and Celebrity Ghost Stories. It's funny because they really are my two favorite shows and satisfy my craving for celebrity and paranormal lol.

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