Jul 26, 2011

Boobs on the Brain... (A post for the Ladies)

I was going to write a blog post about the latest episode of Basketball Wives, but all of Tami's complaining wore me out lol. Instead, I've had boobs on the brains as of late.

Unlike women that sit around dreaming of implants, I joyously await the day I pop out some kids so I can go in for a reduction/lift. I remember getting my first sport's bra in 5th grade (from Contempo Casuals lol) and I've been a slave to the under-wire ever since. At a 36DD (the last time I got a professional fitting), I've always been well endowed, but secretly I've always yearned for a reduction. Part of me wonders if I'd regret going smaller since I've always had big boobs, but I think being a full C would be very nice.

Anyways, the reason for this post is really because I feel like since turning 27 my boobs have changed... and not in a good way... in a strange, something-is-off-but-I-can't-put-my-finger-on-it type of way. Can anyone relate to this? I'm kinda scared to see what my breasts would look like after kids. I've seen some nightmarish pictures of ladies that had nice, ample boobs and after kids they looked like deflated balloons (insert sad face here).

No, I'm not pregnant and my husband and I have no immediate plans for children, but motherhood does a number on your body. Is it shallow to want to nip/tuck yourself back together after kids... assuming you're one of the majority women whose body is NOT the same? Maybe I'm just being my typical "worrier" self and thinking about things that are non-issues...

All I know for sure is that I've feel like I can no longer go bra-less around the house and it's kinda annoying. I feel like my boobs are too heavy to skip the bra, and allowing gravity to do its thing would only screw me in the long run. *le sigh* The joy of having big, natural boobs o_O

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed something that seemed off? I'd love to know that I'm not alone!


bluej said...

you're definitely not alone. i have the same thoughts. i have not had kids yet, and i'm only a B cup, but I swear the girlies are already looking a little suspect. i can only imagine what they'd look like after having kids and breastfeeding. i'm envisioning shriveled raisins. *le sigh* indeed my friend.

South Loop Social Light said...

@ bluej - Lol @ shriveled raisins... but it's a realistic fear. I'm sure whenever we do decide to have children we'll look at them and not care what our bodies had to endure to bring them into the world... but I still have no qualms about getting a lift lol

SafiyaJ said...

haha, I am one of those girls who dreamed of implants...and my dream came true, lol. I am alittle over 2years post op and Im starting to think I should of went alittle bigger?? Maybe not, I have a pretty small frame and Im a C. I know that when I have kids, these bad boys are gonna be huge and I havent decided if I will nurse or not. Taking care of the boobies whether real or fake is a necessity. If you are a DD already and you really want a reduction, I would suggest staying with a D cup. A C cup is going to feel small to you...and the hubby, lol

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Safiya - I'd probably cry if my boobs were too small lol... but a nice D would be great with a reduction and lift. I'm always trying to tell folks that big boobs are fun when they're fake because they stay sitting high all the time lol... Julian is a happy camper and doesn't want any change. I'm waiting to have kids so it doesn't affect nursing or ruin the work the doctor does... but I will most definitely be getting a "mommy boob makeover" after we have kids lol

J. Po said...

I'm the opposite haha. children or money (whichever comes first) = bigger boobies for me . Jarrett and I have an agreement. LOL

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