Jul 5, 2011

Summertime Chi

My husband and I wanted to send a huge thanks to all of our amazing friends and family that made this vacation a memorable time. It's hard to realize how much you're missing out on by not living in a place where you have easy access to the ones you love most, but I made sure to see as many people as possible. I hadn't been home in about a year (longer for my husband), so it was a slight challenge making time for everyone - - and there were a bunch of people I didn't get to see. I try to not feel too bad, but when you're stuffing a year of missed times into a week of activities it's hard.

One of the best things about being back home with my photogenic friends was being able to put my camera to use!!! I've always been the unofficial photographer of my group so capturing our various nights out is high on my list. I put together a small collage of some of my favorite moments of this trip.

On another note being back in Chicago and having an actual social life provided me with tons of blog fodder. On the roster in the coming weeks: 

1. J Bar and the ultimate club come up
2. Bijan's and their foreign exchange program with Russia
3.  Planking - - even the strippers are doing it :/
4. Witness Protection: My mission to save the waitress @ Perez
5. When good crowds go bad - - Educated blacks acting an ass at Sawtooth
6. You know your night is good when you top it off by sleeping in a car
7. Toll Roads - getting ripped off 80 cents at a time (aka the 294 sucks)
8. My quest for a signature drink

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