Jul 7, 2011

Natural Hair: Stretching Your Twists (Heat Free)

One of my favorite natural hair YouTube vloggers, Naptural85, recently posted this great video showing how to stretch your twists overnight sans the heat. I've been looking for a method to use when I want to create an elongated twist-out, minus the use of my blow dryer.

Now, I'll give a full disclosure that my diffuser and concentration nozzle are still my go-to for creating my fail-proof stretched out look, but when I'm around the house or running errands it's not necessary to have my ideal going out hair... especially since I'm back in the insane heat and humidity of South Carolina.

I gave this method a try a few nights ago and was really pleased with my results. More importantly, my favorite part of this method was sleeping without worrying about my twists going flat!! I will continue to pin my twists up this way because I've always struggled with having twists that look ratchet, flat, and lifeless in the morning. This made styling my next day hair a breeze.

If you're someone looking to stretch your hair without the use of heat, or someone that can't seem to have your twists last overnight I would highly suggest watching this video and giving the method a try.

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