Jul 8, 2011

Natural Hair: Flat Twisting 101

Flat twists are my staple for creating twists with minimal shrinkage. The front texture of my hair is kinda straight so I usually always flat twist the front, however, if I'm looking for a way to get a twisted look w/o doing multiple twists I do about 8-9 flat twists on my entire head and get great results.

For those looking for a great way to incorporate this style into your regimen, I wanted to share this video MsDanti1 posted on YouTube. I do my flat twists the exact same way and can attest to how well this method works.

The key for me using flat twists to create my twisted style is to be sure to LET THEM FULLY DRY before taking them down. I don't sleep on wet/damp hair and typically use my hooded dryer attachment to make sure my hair is dry. Also, smoothing my hair with a Denman Brush has proven to be a key step in helping my curls clump and create a smooth finish.

Before going natural I was someone that couldn't braid or twist my hair against the scalp to save my life, but I continued to play around with the style until I got it down. If you have free time or an "off" day where you have nowhere to be, I suggest playing around with products, techniques, and styles. If they look great you've found something new... if not, you don't have to go anywhere with your hair looking crazy lol...

Remember, it can take time to perfect your method for doing a style so don't count it out if it doesn't come out right the first few times.

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