Jul 20, 2011

Life Without Cable Pt. 4

A few weeks ago I blogged about how during my vacation back to Chicago it dawned on me the insane amount of TV I watched. I'm proud to report that by saying adios to the majority of reality TV shows I watched, I managed to cut my overall TV viewing down by at least 50%.

For the most part it has been rather easy to go without all the dramatic shows, but last night I found myself feeling nostalgic for Basketball Wives. It almost pains me to admit this, but I was starting to wonder what the ladies were up to...well, not Royce because she's just not my cup of tea -- or Meeka for that matter... but I was curious about what Tami, Evelyn, Jen, and Shaunie had up their sleeves. I had seen some clips online hinting to a blowup between Jen and Evelyn and like a good train wreck I had to watch.

So, today I pulled up a few episodes online (does that count as cheating? lol) and WOW... they have a whole shit storm going on between the two of them. For the sake of playing devil's advocate I can sympathize with Evelyn because it's very hard to fake the funk when you have friends, best friends at that, that are not  seemingly happy for your relationship or where you're going with your romantic life. On the other hand Jen is entitled to her opinion, but being a close friend to someone you don't necessarily air that out in an interview to the general public.

One of my pet peeves in life is dealing with people that don't address an issue up front, instead allowing their feelings to fester, resulting in a major blowup. I think I have a rather nice circle of girlfriends and for the most part everyone expresses their feelings so there's little to no drama.

Full Disclosure: I will DEFINITELY be watching the finale next week, so I'm looking forward to seeing if they're able to discuss their feelings like adults... but who am I kidding, the show is based on drama so I'm sure they'll come to blows.

Sidebar -- What in the world was Royce wearing at that car dealership with Meeka? How are you looking at luxury cars dressed like a Pre-Teen ready to hangout at the basketball courts! Meeka, Royce, and Suzie can all drift back into the black abyss they came from.

** For anyone that is interested -- Jen blogs about each episode at Hollywood Life. **

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