Mar 8, 2011

Reality Check: All About Aubrey

Getting played to the 10th degree by Diddy and fired on national TV is enough to derail someone for a while. But after a much needed break, Aubrey O'Day is back in her new series All About Aubrey on Oxygen ( Mondays 10/9c).

I was a fan of Danity Kane and enjoyed watching them on Making the Band. I mean, I even bought both of their albums!! No illegal downloading for me. Seeing Aubrey back on TV is nice, However... let me just point out that she looks different. She fessed up to being an emotional eater having gained about 15 lbs post Danity Kane drama, as well as a sporting a blank forehead - - an easy giveaway for overdosing on Botox.  Sidebar: Why are women under the age of 40 even getting Botox? Still, Aubrey is giving fame another shot and reaching for her dream of becoming a solo performer.

For those that think this show will be a lot of fluff can I just point out how brutally honest the team Aubrey has around her is... and I don't mean her friends, but the actual music insiders helping her along the way. Her weight is definitely priority number one. Within 10 mins of her first studio session her choreographer tells her she needs to lose 10-15 lbs, take off her lashes, wash her makeup off, and strip away the facade. It was refreshing watching Aubrey put the Hollywood bullshit act on *pause* for a moment so she could get down to work. Aubrey is really talented and I loved her voice. I actually enjoyed the music showcased throughout the premiere so I'm hoping she was able to land a record deal... I'd buy her solo album.

Did anyone else watch last night?

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