Mar 4, 2011

Better late than never...

It's probably a result of the insane amount of reality TV I watch each week, but I'm usually late to jump on the bandwagon of popular scripted shows. Girlfriends and Sex and the City were the two major shows I caught after the fact, making me realize how much I had been missing, but also how nice it was to watch all of the episodes at once. My husband is a movie buff with a vast collection of anything and everything. Our nighttime tradition is to work our way through seasons and seasons of series that he owns. I've become a fan of How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, and even 30 Rock due to this... all shows I would never have watched on my own.

The latest addition to the lineup has been Seinfeld, a show I never watched. I must admit that this show is pretty good. I can't say I would have had the patience to watch it each week, especially since it ran from '89 - '98 and I wasn't checking for him when I was that young lol... but now I find myself wanting to take in 3-4 episodes a night! The comedic timing is perfect, the writing spot on, and the characters great. I'm even starting to feel like George Costanza is my real life friend... albeit an annoying one lol. Right now we're waiting for the current seasons of How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory to finish airing so the DVDs can come out. I'm not ready to give up my reality TV addiction, but I love adding some scripted comedy to my life.

What are your favorite scripted shows? Do you and your spouse have any nighttime traditions?

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