Mar 19, 2011

Frank & Myrrh Jewelry Review

Like many others I took part in the insane 50% off sale Frank & Myrrh had back in December. The brain child of Nikole Crowe (Moptop Maven), the line features tons of handcrafted pieces with a vibrant, ethnic flair.

Being 100% honest the ordering process was a nightmare. For a while Nikole was missing in action and I was definitely filled with tons of question marks. However, I soon found out that it was all due to her being sick which put everything into perspective. I'm really glad she posted this blog explaining what was going on because everyone was speculating and I was definitely one of her customers that was aggravated from a business standpoint, however, still concerned about why she had disappeared.

Something I learned from this situation was the importance of protecting yourself as a buyer. Pay Pal offers great online features that allow for you to get your money back and dispute any orders that are not up to par. I enjoy Nikole's blog posts so much and have conversed with her a few times so I felt bad having doubt over the validity of my order... still, looking at things from a business end I made sure to file a claim with Pay Pal within the 45 day window to make sure I covered myself so I could get a refund if needed.

Bloggers and vloggers can seem like 'friends in our head' but at the end of the day unless we're interacting in person and establishing some sort of real-life friendship, we don't really know one another. I would definitely urge everyone that no matter how much you "like" someone be sure to keep your business mindset when money is being exchanged. This may seem like commonsense, but I really struggled with this. I didn't want to seem "mean" or like I was being a "bitch", but I had to remind myself that if she was a regular business owner and not a blogger that I liked, I would handle the situation in a different way.

With that out of the way, I must say that I do love the quality of the earrings that I received. Nikole is uber talented and the earrings are top notch. I would recommend her designs to everyone as long as she's healthy and able to run her business.

Please check out my video for a full review on each pair of earrings I received!

For more information on Frank & Myrrh click here.

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