Mar 28, 2011

My life in the Dental Chair...

Okay, I'm back! Well, kinda... I went in for another round of dental work on Thursday: 2 root canals, 2 temporary crowns, and 1 temp filling.

I'm a trooper and can usually handle pain well, but 5 hrs of dental work and getting numbed up 4 times left me in a bit of pain. This is actually the first time I took my pain meds which of course made me sleepy, but feeling as if you've just been punched in the face is not what's up.

It seems like my life wouldn't be complete without some level of dental drama and this visit didn't disappoint. After my 5 hr marathon treatment I was notified that my dentist would no longer be working with my insurance company as of May 1st. Hearing the news felt like getting punched in the stomach. I had finally worked out the kinks with my dentist and was enjoying this practice. Just being with people that I was starting to build a relationship with and starting to trust... only to find out that I had to complete my dental work with another office. Even though this round of work maxed out my dental benefits for this year, as I stated in a previous blog, I'm still able to receive services at the discounted rate (sans the provider co-pay), so financially I must find a new office to keep my bill affordable.

On a happier note, I only have 1 round of things left to do: 1 root canal/crown and a few fillings! I plan on finishing up my treatment by mid summer so going into the fall my mouth will be operating at nearly 100% - - only leaving my wisdom teeth left up to be removed. I've been sticking my feelers out to get a better understanding of the process of getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. I'm on the fence about having a doctor put me under and using an IV... but still foggy on the other options.

For now, I'm closing in on the final laps of my preventative care. Again, I urge everyone to stay on top of their annual dental visits. Preventative care really is everything. Catch those cavities early on, get them filled, and live your life!! I'm over root canals at this point.

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