Mar 9, 2011

N♥il Art: Essie hits Walgreens

I'm not sure how late (or early) I am on this one, but while in Walgreens a few days ago I stumbled upon a whole setup of Essie polish! Previously only available at major retailers like Ulta, I was excited to find them in a store like Walgreens. Before you rush out to stock up on this uber cute polish, I wanted to share a few tidbits:

1) They don't offer the full range of colors, but do seem to have the most popular ones. I wasn't blown away by the stock, but I was definitely pleased with the options they had.

2) Walgreens is selling them for $7.99 each so the price isn't cheaper than if you were to go to Ulta. I would still prefer to go to Ulta if they were running one of their "Buy 2 get 1" sales... Otherwise, I'll save myself a 25 min trip and hit Walgreens.

3) Every Walgreens doesn't have them so you may want to call before dropping into your local store.

4) The packaging is slightly different. Mainly you have a white "Essie" label on the side of the bottle along with the name of the shade on the top (instead of the bottom).

5) The overall presentation in the store I went to was kinda the pits. I mean, this is my favorite polish and nothing beats going into Ulta and seeing the organized display. I had to pop a squat and work my way through the semi clusterf*ck of colors, but I was so happy to find them at the store I didn't mind too much. I'm glad I don't have to drive a million miles to get this polish, but I do prefer the visual presentation at Ulta.

If you're a polish fiend like myself I'm sure you'll be happy about this merger. I'm looking forward to seeing what other brands make their way into Walgreens - - I know Shea Moisture is headed there next... so that's 2 products I love!

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