Dec 24, 2010

N♥tural Hair in Ads

Lately it seems like you can't turn around without seeing a curly head somewhere... TV, magazines, fashion ads... Natural hair is all the rage for black women nowadays and I absolutely LOVE this. I was just telling my husband the other day that the girl in some commercial had hair like me and I thought it was pretty cool.

I'm on a 2 week break from school and w/o any legit work to do I've found myself wasting hours online. While looking on Forever21's website (there isn't a Forever21 in the entire state of South Carolina which I find to be extremely depressing) I came across this girl that looks just like Jonna from the Real World Cancun... minus the clip in weave. If this is really Jonna I wanted to just say how cool I thought it was of her to rock her natural curls for a photoshoot.

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