Dec 28, 2010

Making the most of sweated out Holiday Hair

I blew my hair out the the other day to rock my clip-in extensions... but my wonderful husbando bought me "Dance Central" for XBOX Kinect and I ended up sweating out my hair in under an hour lol.

I was looking for a way to salvage my blow out and make the most out of my straight, yet sweated out locks so I turned to my trusty dry twist out!

If you find yourself with holiday hair that's no longer straight this look could work for you :)


afreshmusic said...

I keep forgetting you talk like that....and not like the voice I have for you in my I love it!

Side note I sound like a nut from the first sentence...oh know what I'm talking about.

GorgeousPuddin said...

This style looks super cute on you and seems very easy to obtain! I'm still on the creamy crack, but I like fluffy styles and this will be a new go too for me! The addition of the rods is what I've been missing.

You're doing good on the vlog!! Just as good (or better!) as the others I see on youtube! do your thang girlie! LOL!


South Loop Social Light said...

@ Afreshmusic - I'm dying to hear what this voice sounds like lol...

@ GorgeousPuddin - Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate hearing that. It can be a bit intimidating making videos.

afreshmusic said...

I'll have to find something on youtube or something. It's in my head...I can't do it because my baritone just won't allow I'm going to find that voice somewhere.

You should do more videos!

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