Dec 4, 2010

Newly Nesting: Electronics in the Bedroom

I'm of the mindset that a bedroom should be your place of relaxation - - used for sleeping and sex. My husband on the other hand believes that this should include having a full spread of electronic delights.

Living together for the first time we've realized that compromise is the name of the game, but I wouldn't bend on my "No TVs in the Bedroom" rule. Besides being bad Feng Shui, I feel like having too many distractions in your bedroom can cause fractures in your relationship.

In order to find a happy medium my husband decided he could watch all his favorite shows on his laptop and I determined I could live with the occasional glow from his screen - - compromise is alive and well in our household :)

When it comes to electronics in the bedroom what's your stance? Yay or Nay?


T said...

I live in a studio, so I vote yes. LOL! I actually heard this argument from all my male friends their wives or sigfigs don't want TVs in the boudoir. I've always had a TV in my room, so I guess I've never even considered NOT having one in there.

I'm siding with the fellas on this one.

Monique said...

I don't like them but I do love to work from bed and watch tv. When I do have sleepovers with "the guy", I put it away and we focus with each other.

janelle said...

yeah... i agree with the hubby. i can't live without a tv in my bedroom. i go to bed every nite watching golden girls or the nanny. but then again, i am single. lol.

i think once there is a plus one, the show my change or perhaps we'll fall asleep to each other occasionally, but a television will ALWAYS be in the room.

South Loop Social Light said...

I gave up having a TV in the bedroom when I was single. It was just nice to have my bedroom be a place of solitude - - no distractions at all.

I actually asked my husband about it recently and he said he hadn't noticed much of a difference. I really do recommend it for folks if they have the space to go without.

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