Dec 22, 2010

Friendship Dream Team

Do you ever find yourself watching TV and thinking...

"Man, I'd love to be friends with ______ "

Life with the husbando is going swell, but I do miss having girlfriends in my city. There's nothing like a girl's night out, brunch or shopping excursion to cheer me up. As a result of my friendship deficit I decided to put together my friendship dream team. These lovely ladies are currently keeping me company in SC and the best "friends-in-my-head" a girl could ask for!

Jeannie Mai
I absolutely adore her vibrant personality, funky blue hair and positive energy. She would be great to shop with and sure to steer you in the right direction, fashion and spiritually.

Giuliana Rancic
I think Giuliana is the quintessential girl's girl. She loves shopping, hair extensions, entertainment gossip and can talk your ear off... just like me!

Jennifer Love Hewitt
She may have won me over as the "Ghost Whisperer", but after watching an interview she did on Wendy Williams I was completely sold on her real life persona. She's hilarious, into reality TV, and easy going.

Josie Stevens
Underneath the obsession with Hello Kitty and sometimes over the top hair and makeup lies a girl with a heart of gold. Josie has fun all the time and would be sure to bond with me over our huge boobs and love of nail art.

Who would you put on your friendship dream team?
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