Dec 7, 2010

The ramblings of an insomniac...

Though it's only been a week since my contract ended , my sleep pattern has already gone to the crapper. It's about 4am, I'm wide awake, and I think it's safe to say that my newly unemployed status is to blame for the glitch in my sleep pattern.

This is the first time in 7 years that I'm not working Full-Time and I'm only 26. It's kind of funny to think about the fact that I've put 7 years into corporate America... but as they say, life happens. Right now I'm going to school Full-Time, on the hunt for a PT job or awesome Internship, and playing the role of Suzie Homemaker.

I never would have thought being a wife was such hard work, but I really believe that any woman that manages a household should be able to include it on their resume. I'm basically the CEO of my husband's life. All of the amazing wives out there that actually take being a wife seriously deserve a round of applause - - and not just the mothers. Everyone gives a mom credit for being superwoman, but there are plenty of ladies out there successfully juggling the role of wife, cook, housekeeper, therapist, etc... minus the children.

What else is running through my mind?

1) The celebs that participated in the "Digital Death" campaign aren't fooling anyone. The marketing plan was a joke... They mysteriously received a $500k donation today and suddenly hit their goal. It was all for charity so of course I'm glad the money is for a good cause, but whoever was in charge of that marketing plan needs to go kick a pile of rocks.

2) Giuliana & Bill Rancic are one of my favorite celebrity couples. I just watched the latest episode of their show and was reminded of how much I admire them. It's refreshing to see such a down to earth couple. I may pickup their latest book.

3) Everyone is into Zombies now and while I'm not sure why, I absolutely love AMC's The Walking Dead. The season 1 finale just aired last night and it didn't disappoint. You don't have to be a zombie or sci-fi fan to get sucked into this.

4) While I'm on a TV kick, does anyone else watch Dexter? My husband started watching while he was deployed and insisted we watch together when he got home. This season has been nothing short of amazing and I was thrilled to learn they were renewed for a season 6. Check it out OnDemand - Showtime.

5) "It could always be worse..." - - something my husband has been telling me whenever I slip into a pity party. Yes, I'm not working now... but life is not coming to an end. Things could always be worse. I don't know how many other people out there find themselves being defined by their job but I think I was one. Not that I was in my dream job, but just being employed and having that sense of "security".

6) I watched "Vicky Christina Barcelona" the other day and now I can't stop obsessing over the idea of not just traveling, but actually living abroad. When my husband's Air Force contract is up we've tossed around the idea of packing our bags and leaving the states for a while. It just seems like there is so much life to live and world to see. We're selling ourselves short staying in the US like it's the cat's meow.

7) Speaking of cats, my curious kitten Smudge is always jumping in the shower. Leave it to me to get the idea to put him in there when the water is on. Ummm, yeah. Not my best idea. My husband told me that the cat would freak out but I had no clue. He totally spazzed and clawed my ass up trying to hightail it out of the bathroom. Kitty does NOT like the water lol. I must admit it was a funny sight to see but my body is telling a different story.

8) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are probably my favorite addition to the series. I love the fact that they have real money and most of them (sans Camille) appear to have some sense. Finally, a show about actual wives with actual money!!! I'm already looking forward to seeing Camille on the reunion show. Her divorce is not even finalized and her husband is already engaged to his girlfriend. In most situations you might feel bad for the wife, but Camille has pranced around like being the wife of Kelsey Grammar makes her shit smell like roses. I'm interested in seeing how she explains her behavior. On another note, Go Kyle! I love all the ladies but Kyle is my favorite.

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