Dec 29, 2010

MoptopMaven's "Healthy Hair in 2011 Challenge"

The Moptop Maven is hosting a "Healthy Hair in 2011" challenge on her blog and while I was previously on the fence about participating, I've decided to take the plunge!

Since going natural in 2009 I've seen vast improvements in my hair... but I've never been one to have hair goals. Watching people obsess over length checks and protective styling made my head spin... and those bun challenges seemed more like torture to me than fun. The tone of Moptop Maven's blog is much lighter and open-minded than other natural hair blogs out there so I'm excited to see the spin she'll put on this challenge.

Currently my hair is about 2-3 inches past collarbone length, and while I don't have any major length goals I'd love to see how much I can improve on my consistency. I want to try adding weekly deep conditioning treatments, pre-pooing with coconut oil, and maybe even giving Henna a try. I've always thought that doing a Henna treatment would be too time consuming and messy... not to mention I didn't want to change my hair color too much or loosen the curl. Anyways, I'll be documenting my progress on my blog... Anyone else going to take the challenge?

On another note, looking back on past photos it's kinda crazy how much my hair has grown out this year... and I say OUT because it surely doesn't ever feel like it's growing down lol. I can't believe all of these pictures are from the last 10 months. I can definitely say that it never felt like my hair was growing so looking at these pictures really is encouraging for me. With the minor tweaks I'll be making to my routine I'm excited to see what 2011 has in store for me!

February 2010 -  My Big Chop

December 2010
June 2010

April 2010


Anonymous said...

I Abolsutely love your hair!!!! and This blog. I'm not a blogger and i normally don't follow blogs but I LIKE LIKE YOURS, so I drop in ever once in a while to check out whats going on in your world. But I have a few questions about your hair. do you think the Brazilian Blowout helped with the styling of your hair in recent months? when is the last time you had one? Would you do the process all over again!

thanks in advances


South Loop Social Light said...

@ Toniaky1 - Thanks for dropping in to read :) I appreciate that folks actually care to hear about what's going on in my world. As for the Brazilian Blowout, I received my last one in August... which was my 2nd time having the process done. It definitely helps with smoothing my hair and making it seem less dense (faster drying times, less frizz, etc) but I still have to actually do the work to style it. The results can last up to 12 weeks, but I'm way past that so I don't have any of the treatment left in my hair as of now. I loved the process and would do it again. It's a great option for people that like to wear their hair straight and curly... it's a great option for those that only wear their hair straight... and if you like rocking curls only you'll definitely notice the results but I think you get the biggest bang for your buck when you see how easy it is to straighten your hair.

If you have more questions you can always search "Brazilian Blowout" on the home page of my blog and all my posts will come up! Hope this has helped.

DeBisi said...

Ok so I just ran into your blog and I am absolutely in love w/ your hair. I saw the pictures from February to December 2010...your growth was crazy and it is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure we dont have the same type of hair, but I wanted to know what is your hair regimen? Did you use vitamins ...protective styles?
Thanks in advance.
PS...Im taking the challenge b/c Im ready for my hair to grow. (=

Latoya said...

I plan on doing the challenge as well! Your hair looks great, btw!

I was interested in henna as well, but my hair is so dark now that I no longer relax...and I love it. Plus with a baby on the way, henna seems too time consuming and messy.
As an alternative, I'm going to try Bentonite Clay and protein treatments.


Bajan Beauty said...

I love your hair! I have been transitioning since March of 2010. I am so terrified of doing the BC =( I know nothing about natural hair styling. I got my first relaxer when I was 15...

Seeing your your journey was really an inspiration not to give into the creamy crack! lol.

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