Jul 1, 2010

Natural Hair Inspiration

<-------- Please allow yourself a few moments to take in the wonderfulness that is Teyana Taylor's hair!!! I love it. It gives me life and motivates me to continue my natural hair journey... as well as find some weave that matches for some instant gratification style!

With the help of weave guru Onye, I learned about the Arjuni line of hair extensions, which provides the best in Cambodian hair. Their hair comes typed from straight to wavy 2c all the way to curly 3d, and in various lusters from high to low. The only downside? They don't yet offer closures, so unless you want to rock some of your hair out and try blending, you'll need to look elsewhere to close this weave (I recommend Extensions-Plus)

I found their wavy 2c hair in a low luster to be perfect for recreating this style! This is definitely the next look on deck in my summer weave experiment ----->

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