Jul 26, 2010

Sushi and Champagne

Since revamping my diet I had not eaten out. A friends birthday was approaching and I was interested in seeing if I could rise to the occasion. My goal? Find a healthy way to enjoy my food, drinks and girlfriends without throwing my diet out of the window. I guess I shouldn't call it a "diet" because it's more of a permanent lifestyle change (not some get thin quick thing), but a "diet" in the sense of meaning "the food I eat".

Anyways, we headed to Stingray Sushi and my spirits were high because sushi is relatively healthy. AZ summer nights are still pretty hot (averaging in the 90s) so I was armed with my 1L bottle of Smart Water (a great way to stay hydrated, a bottle of water before you go out is highly recommended so you don't use alcohol to quench your thirst). I ordered my favorite Philly Roll (319 calories) and a mimosa (75 calories) and guess what? That was it!

I managed to have an enjoyable night out for less than 400 calories. I even shocked myself.

For anyone in the process of changing their eating habits, stay encouraged that you can still maintain your social life and keep your waistline in check.

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