Jul 13, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

So, just as I wrote my blog about men cheating, news broke of The Dream frolicking on the beach with his personal assistant... all the while his WIFE, Christina Milian, was at home with their 5 mo old daughter Violet.

Folks are already tired of hearing about it but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

While the press release states that they've been separated since late '09 (just 3 months after their marriage - - major o_O for that one) I think it's complete bullshit that The Dream didn't release it until AFTER the photos. Talk about pouring salt into the wound... to be getting it in with your personal assistant... the same assistant that's been around your wife, your home and your child. It's just a bad look altogether!

People, people... when will folks STOP getting married if they have NO intention of actually being faithful. Hell, if you want options don't get married. Marriage is like the anti option, option lol.

This has started bugging me out more recently because I'm married now and I'm tired of seeing folks shit on it left and right. Nobody forces you to get married. If you want to live the playboy single life do that! George Clooney is constantly rotating his line up and nobody is mad at him... but getting married just to be on bullshit is well, bullshit!

Yes, Christina will come up on a nice amount of cash, but I do believe that she was going after the white picket fence, happy marriage and kids... not the cash payout.

*le sigh*

Everyone: Marriage takes work. If you don't want to make someone else your #1 priority... put in 150% each and every day... be faithful and committed - - marriage is NOT for you!

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