Jul 12, 2010

Vacations = Relationship Amnesia?

This past weekend I ran into a few friends I hadn't seen in some years and had the chance to catch up. They had just gotten back from vacationing in Puerto Rico and when I mentioned that my husband and I were still looking for places to honey moon they quickly told me not to go there with him because "he'd cheat..."


I had to press pause on the convo at that point and clarify to my friends that I'd gotten myself a great one... my husband was beyond faithful, we could travel anywhere together, and he'd never cheat. They just don't make 'em like my man anymore. They smiled at me, probably thinking in the back of their minds "yeah right" but I left things at that.

The convo did get me thinking: too often men go on vacation and their relationships really do go out the window.

I used to date a guy that took numerous trips to Brazil with his buddies... and I saw the pics and videos of their trips - - it's enough to make you itch just looking at them. Like, instantly go to the clinic to get a test, a pill and a shot! The stuff some men do while on a vacation is sickening. I couldn't trust him in a different room in the club, let alone thousands of miles away in another country. However, that was the nature of the relationship - - there was a lack of trust.

I don't believe that all men cheat, nor do I believe that a vacation is a sure fire way for your man to experience relationship amnesia. I think people will, time and time again, show you their character and it's up to you to do with that what you will. Cheaters cheat. Liars lie. Users use... it doesn't matter if they cross state lines, zip codes or time zones. People will always let their true colors show.

Ladies: What has your experience been like having your man go on a guy's vacation?

Men: Is it possible for you to visit an exotic (Miami, Brazil, Puerto Rico, etc...) locale while in a relationship and not cheat?


Catherine said...

You were talking about a place to honeymoon and they were talking about cheating o_O

I do think guy's trips can be trouble if your man's friends are only there to get laid. Your man could go with the best of intentions and end up with thirsty chicks all over him. I was dating a guy who went out of town with his boys. He would call and talk to me while the friends were running through random chicks. He was very happy to see me when he got home!

South Loop Social Light said...

Exactly! Single men and Married men do NOT have the same vacation priorities.

ShellyShell said...

I have several married male friends and several single. A few of the married ones are always the ones who want to wild the hell out! My guy I date now has been asked by his friend to go to Brazil for NYE. My guy was like nah. I know what he wants to go "cause he does it here!
I just returned from Costa Rica with a group of men and women and the men were great they just wanted to relax,golf,drink and chill. And none of them were married. I think it's a matter of maturity.

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