Jul 14, 2010

21 Forever?

I've written previous blogs about women of a certain age prancing around Forever21 like it's the cat's meow... well, consider my mother one of those women! The horror, the horror.

My mother called me while I was out of town asking about stores called "Urban Chic" and "21 Forever". I told her those stores didn't exist, that there was an Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 but they weren't for her demographic (she's 55). I further explained to her that she couldn't even get the names right (yet another reason she had no business going in there) and refused to give her directions to them. Well, the woman was determined because upon my arrival back to AZ she proceeded to show me what she got at "21 Forever" o_O.... some bracelets and this top - - the same damn top that I have!!! Let me say that it was definitely a conservative top, something I would've worn as a dress... but still, the world is coming to an end when MY mother likes Forever 21.

*le sigh*

She was thrilled with all the cheap jewelry and couldn't wait to go back and see what other tops they had.

Now I must say that my mom just lost like 30+ lbs so she's excited to fit into clothes she hasn't worn in a while. She said that "Urban Chic" (urban outfitters) wasn't her speed but she would be going back to Forever21. I can't say I'm thrilled about this... Hell, I feel torn that I still shop there... but it is what it is.

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