Dec 22, 2017

Royal Engagement Photos

The Royal Engagement photos were released yesterday morning and of course the couple looked stunning! I think all of the photos were great, but my favorite had to be their candid shot which was released as their way of saying "thank you" for all of the well wishes they've received. Imagine that -- releasing a "candid" shot as a way of saying thank you! Ha... I'll continue to take the little nuggets of their life we're being given and devour them up.

I was also a huge fan of the dress Meghan wore -- a Ralph & Russo gown that had our girl dripping swagu all over that photoshoot. The couture runway piece was originally sheer, but it appears Meghan got it lined. She looked amazing.

Since I'm currently watching Season 2 of The Crown on Netflix (just saw Princess Margaret have her birthday photoshoot), I think it's dope to see the continuation of their traditions in real-time, our time. It also feels like a breath of fresh air to see the different ways HRH Prince Harry and Meghan are going about things -- their courtship, engagement, breaking some old traditions with the Queen's apparent approval! It's dope af and hella modern.

Also, it must be said... the REAL star of the engagement photoshoot was fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski! Listen... Do you see how fine that man is? Oooo weeeee!!! I didn't have any clue who Alexi was, but feel like most dudes named Alexi have to either be fine or have some sort of sultry swag behind that name. Anyways, he's a fashion photographer and did a wonderful job shooting what are sure to become iconic, historic photos.

If you're like me and want to stay connected with everything the Royals are doing, follow the official @KensingtonRoyal Twitter account.

The rest of the engagement photos...

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