Dec 11, 2017

Hack Nation Presents:
Pitch Black Seattle

 Hack Nation Presents Pitch Black Seattle #PitchBlackSEA - Seattle Startup Week 2017

Back in October I had the opportunity to participate in Seattle Startup Week 2017 and host Hack Nation's #PitchBlackSEA competition. The event celebrated the entrepreneurial and creative genius of black founders in Seattle, while connecting them to the entrepreneurial ecosystem they're often excluded from.

This was also my first paid hosting gig outside of the on-camera work I've done through my 9-5 job. I was excited and had all sorts of butterflies in my stomach. It'd been a minute since I felt the rush of nerves associated with venturing into uncharted territory. Many thanks, again, to Taelore and Kenny for giving me the chance to do something I love.

KCTS9 covered the event and just posted their story -- check it out!

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