Dec 27, 2017

Meghan Markle:
Stuns on Christmas Day, Looks Like a Whole Conservative Snack

I just finished Season 2 of The Crown and am still riding a wave of all things royal, so I decided to take a look at Queen Elizabeth's 2017 Christmas Announcement. Low and behold, my eyes zoomed in on the awesomeness of HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement photo sitting right there! I instantly had so many thoughts (that are still live on my IG stories).

1) Is that a wedding picture of her and Phillip or Prince William and Kate? If it's not Prince William and Kate, is it weird that she doesn't have their picture up there?
2) What about all of her other kids/grandkids? Does only the lineage of her eldest son (and heir apparent) get shown? How does that affect the other family dynamics?
3) Do her kids roll their eyes at Camilla having a picture up there? Or better yet, do you think Prince Harry or Prince William have pictures of Camilla in their home? If my dad married his side chick after my mom's death, I don't know if I'd want her picture anywhere in my house. 

Also, did y'all see our future Duchess of Sussex, Ms. Meghan Markle, looking like a whole conservative snack during Christmas with the Queen?!! I'm not sure what the fashion budget is for a royal, but Meghan is coming all the way through with the looks. I'm already thinking of ways to snag that Chloe Pixel Bag ... or should I say waiting for the Zara/Forever21 version because I'm not about to drop 1k of my non-royal budget on a purse. 

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