Dec 1, 2017

Meghan Markle:
Biracial Black Princess

Yes, I know her title will technically be Duchess of Sussex, but I do plan on referring to her as Princess Meghan. Now that that's out of the way... it's Friday, the world is still trash, and literally the only thing that matters to me right now is that Meghan Markle is engaged to HRH Prince Harry and about to add some much-needed #Melanin to the Royal Family!!! I saw the news earlier this week (read: in the middle of the night thanks to being sick and on a wonky sleep schedule) when my favorite writer Demetria Lucas D'Oyley (who stans for the couple) posted updates!!!!

First off, if you haven't watched their official interview together go do that now. It should be required viewing before proceeding to read this post and make any decisions on how you feel about them as a couple. I get that everyone isn't into celebrity culture, but people I personally know who consume copious amounts of trash, have had interesting things to say about the intrigue surrounding Meghan and this royal coupling. Let's not act like this isn't a big deal...

I've noticed the media doing in-depth reporting on her father and his side of the family (presumably because he's white and the siblings seem to be chatty), but I wanted to highlight her mother who is oozing #BlackGirlMagic all over my timeline. Doria Radlan, mother of the future Duchess of Sussex, is a psychotherapist and yoga instructor in California and all-around kween. Please make sure you're saying kween in your Abbi and Illana Broad City voice. She deserves that.

What's also exciting for me is seeing a black woman... beautiful brown skin, educated, focused on wellness, gorgeous locs, edges flourishing... it's really cool to have that visibility on a national stage and add depth and diversity to the images we see of black women. Her mom is modern and dope af. Yassss to all that #NoirPixieDust.

I've also been saddened in particular to see so many Black people coming for Meghan wondering "how black she is" and to what degree she "claims her blackness". She wrote a great essay for Elle last year describing her experience as a biracial woman and it's one I'd encourage everyone to read. She takes pride in the heritage of both her parents and chooses to identify as a biracial woman.

I'm not biracial and have no clue what that experience is like, but as a black woman in an interracial relationship, if I had kids I'd be heartbroken if they didn't claim me... and as amazing of a man and partner as my bae is, if they didn't claim him, it's break my heart even more.

I like to focus on the fact that her two parents came together and made a beautiful, intelligent human being who seems to use her platform for good and has a solid understanding of who she is and where both sides have come from and through. So, yes to raising more amazing humans!

On a personal note, as someone who has 2 black parents, but was raised in a predominately white neighborhood, I was plagued with the question of "why do you talk like that" or statements of "you're not black enough", so I'm definitely more sensitive to this topic.

Okay -- so the fun things I'm secretly waiting for:

1) Her mom to show up to the wedding front row with her locs FLOURISHING showcasing #Melanin all over TV screens across the world.

2) Meghan to rock her curls! Her hair will get wet at some point and I hope they photograph her curls looking bomb.

3) Their future kids to have gorgeous, coarse, frizzy ass hair and look insanely cute

4) Just how sickening this wedding guest list will be!!! President Obama and First Lady Michelle, Serena Williams... maybe even Beyonce!!! I'm hosting a watch party and will be indulging in all things royal.

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