Dec 7, 2017

Meghan Markle's Engagement Gives Me Excitement, Not Hope

Let's talk about the absolute TRASH headline ABC News published this morning:

While I try to unscrew my face and get my eyes out of the furthest reaches of my head, a few things we're not about to do...

1) We're not about to pretend like black women didn't have any "hope" for relationships, marriage, successful careers, or all-around dopeness before Meghan Markle entered the scene, before she started dating HRH Prince Harry, and before they got engaged.

2) Let's not pretend like marriage and being "chose" is the epitome of making it and something everyone dreams about, hopes for, or actually wants for their life.

3) Let's dead the TIRED ASS NARRATIVE that black women are seriously sitting around looking to celebrity relationships as a guide for our romantic lives, needing to cling onto anything to give us "hope" that we too can get married and have what others deem as "it all".

4) Let's also not act like there aren't a TON of amazing black women out there offering daily inspiration and #BlackGirlMagic independent of a man or any romantic relationship.

It's disappointing to see trash headlines like ABC News missing the mark on WHY black women in particular are EXCITED (not hopeful) about Meghan Markle's engagement.

So often black women are made to seem less than desirable as partners... told that if you're on the other side of your 30s, divorced, focused on your career, etc... you won't be wanted, should settle for "what you can get" and that something is wrong with you as-is. All of this is nonsense and seeing someone like Meghan Markle navigate that space on an international stage, carry herself well, and have her partner PROUDLY claiming his love and adoration for the entire world to see, that gives me excitement, not hope.

It's exciting to see myself and my mother in her mother... to see a beautiful brown woman, educated, with locs and full edges, focused on self-care, raise a great human being and have those images shown all around the world!

To see someone who is at the height of wealth/status PROUDLY CLAIMING Meghan Markle, someone who on paper has a few stats that men who don't have a cent to their name would criticize and dissect... it's pretty fucking cool... and petty, but also really cool.

None of these are things that I feel black women were sitting around twiddling our thumbs and waiting to see happen, but let's not act like this isn't a HUGE deal. Anyways, who else is ready for this wedding? See y'all on May 26th, 2018!

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