Dec 13, 2017

National Black Women's Day

After swooping in to save ourselves (and everyone else) in Alabama's Senate race last night, I was thrilled to wake up to news that today is officially National Black Women's Day! I'm not saying Black women do everything... but we do everything! Look at the results from the Alabama Senate race. 98% of Black women voted against Republican candidate and actual pedophile Roy Moore, and voted for Democrat and non-pedophile Doug Jones. Black women showed up yet again to do the actual work that needs to be done. Thanks to the work of Black women (and men), a known pedophile is not taking the reigns in Alabama, and the once red state was turned blue. You're welcome.

alabama senate race 2017
There are already a ton of think pieces floating around analyzing how disturbing it is that a KNOWN SEXUAL PREDATOR was even being taken seriously, but more than that, I can't believe that 63% of white women voted for him. Two-thirds of white, female voters in Alabama voted for a known pedophile! Let that sink in.

While I would love to have a world where ALL women are united and fighting for justice and what's right (because the power of women could seriously change the entire world), it can't be denied how disconnected we are and wherein the weak link lies. Luvvie posted her thoughts today and said it best:

"We talk about fixing this country? Well, WHITE WOMEN have to get in formation. White men get blamed all the time but white women support them, vote for them, feed them, love on them. White women have been shielded from culpability all their lives and through history and have been able to move in the system of oppression without getting blame when they have been active participants. ACTIVE. They keep it going. In fact, they’ve benefited the most, because they’ve done none of the work, got all the perks, and none of the blame." - Luvvie

For generations Black women have been saving ourselves (and in the process everyone else) as we fight for what's right, fair and makes commonsense. I hope the results from last night's election show everyone the power of our voices, our votes, and that we can make REAL change happen. I hope this leads to funds being raised to support black organizations and fighting the injustices faced by black voters, especially in areas where the vote is still being suppressed.

Instead of "thank you's" it'd be nice to see black women being placed in decision-making positions of power, given opportunities to effect change and a few seats at the tablet. Clearly we're always adulting and making sure our country doesn't go to hell in a hand basket... we can easily navigate your boardroom too.

Happy National Black Women's Day to all of my beautiful queens who are always doing the hard, necessary work. You're magical and amazing. Take some time for self-care this upcoming weekend. You deserve it.

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