Jan 5, 2015

What I learned in 2014

I'm a firm believer in life being the best teacher, and I've found blogging to be a great way to look back on my life, actions, ups and downs... really take stock of my "voice" and see where I was at a particular time. Last January I decided to share "life lessons" with the intention of looking back come 2015 and seeing what I had learned. In short, seeing what I was in essence teaching myself. There was no posting schedule for these "lessons" as everything just came from the heart, whenever it felt right.

Looking over the list it feels extremely gratifying to know how much progress I've made. I'm already looking forward to sharing things for 2015!

Lesson 15: A back-up plan is if the first plan doesn't work

Lesson 14: Fear of flying

Lesson 13: We all have off days

Lesson 12: The grass isn't always greener

Lesson 11: Life is short... or is it?

Lesson 10: Every saint has a past

Lesson 9: There's always time for a workout

Lesson 8: God will give you more than you can handle

Lesson 7: Just do it

Lesson 6: What you allow is what will continue

Lesson 5: It's okay to save money

Lesson 4: God loves a cheerful giver

Lesson 3: Agree to disagree

Lesson 2: Don't pick your blemishes

Lesson 1: Everyone doesn't want your opinion

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