Jan 14, 2015

Nate Jackson's Super Funny Comedy Show in Tacoma, WA (@MrNateJackson)

Tommy Davidson
I have yet to blog about my experience attending the Joe Torry NYE comedy show in Seattle a few weeks ago... the show in which Joe Torry himself canceled mid show (yes, he canceled... mid show... for the 2nd show on New Years Eve! A major shit show). But, the positive that came out of that experience was the venue (Parlor Live Seattle) offering complimentary tickets to see Tommy Davidson perform the following week.

Last weekend I got to cash in on those free tickets and take a trip down memory lane. I hadn't kept up to date with Davidson since his 'In Living Color' days, but he took the stage and gave a funny show.

Nate Jackson
One of the highlights of the show was being introduced to Nate Jackson, a hilarious comedian and Seattle native, who opened  the show for Tommy Davidson. During the after show meet & greet, Nate told our group about the monthly comedy show he hosts in Tacoma.

I'm always on the hunt for cool things to do in Seattle, and Tacoma is only a 30-45 mins drive (depending on traffic) from Seattle. If the show is anything like Nate's performance I saw last weekend it'll be worth the drive.

In an effort to help keep everyone's social life thriving, especially transplants who move to Seattle and have no clue what is going on and where to go, I wanted to share this new gem with the blog.

Tickets are only $15 and can be purchased here.

Sidebar: There are 2 locations for Keys on Main - - one in Seattle and another in Tacoma. Please note that this event will be held at the Tacoma location

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