Jan 25, 2015

R&B Singer Mya Takes Main Stage at Strip Club. Folks Are Mad.

R&B singer Mya made waves this weekend when she performed at G5ive Lounge, a strip club in Miami. So, why does everyone seem to have found spare fucks to give the old, R&B diva? Well, a snippet of her "performance" (which I'm using the term loosely), featured Mya dropping, grinding, popping, twirling... basically just working the stage and it made me cringe.

Yes, Mya is 35, still looks gorgeous, and is doing what she needs to do to make coins. I mean, if folks are still paying to see her perform does the location matter! Absolutely.

I wanted to watch her performance without judgment and just see an entertainer still excited to perform... however, I felt like she was cheapening herself. I cringed as she rolled around on stage, tossing her hair, while another naked dancer held the pole next to her.

Having your career reduced to strip club performances is one thing, but Mya was basically playing the equivalent of "3 pumps" with the pole. She simply needed a wardrobe malfunction or gust of wind to give the strippers some real competition.

I asked myself if Rihanna had done the same thing would anyone care? Would anyone judge? Hmmm... probably not. Rihanna has made a career of shenanigans and fuckery and for some reason I just expected a bit more from Mya. She always had a regal heir to her... but I guess that got left in the late 90s/early 2000s. #KanyeShrug

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