Jan 13, 2015

Go see Selma (@SelmaMovie)

This past weekend I went to see Selma and y'all... it was definitely a must-see film. This movie reached deep down and touched my soul, my inner desire for humanity and ... I mean, just taking time to process that this film was based on history... and not some history that happened a million years ago. There are people still alive who experienced this stuff first hand and it blows my mind.

We've come far, but have not really made much progress. I feel like racism in the US has just evolved. Hate and discrimination are still widespread. Human life is still not all valued the same. This group feels superior to this group... that group doesn't want to see this one thrive. We're all stranded on this island called Earth, fighting over limited resources, refusing to work together... running amok and acting like fools. Between the police brutality happening in the US, terror attacks in Paris and Nigeria, and just overall steady stream of bullshit the world continues to crank out on a daily basis, it's easy to feel discouraged.

I found Selma to be a touching film and perfectly timed. The cast was stellar and it was nice to see this snapshot of American history and MLK Jr.'s life. If you have yet to see it, I'd suggest checking local listings in your area and making a date of it. This is a heavy movie, so our group opted for a matinee showing. I'd definitely recommend seeing this in the daytime.

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