Jan 20, 2015

The Art of Doing Nothing

When is the last time you did nothing? Like truly spent an entire weekend basking in the beauty of having no real plans? This past weekend I took the opportunity to become one with my head wrap (i.e. not do my hair), cuddle up with my dog, and chill the fuck out. I luxuriated in the joy of multiple daytime naps, tacos and pizza, took entirely too many selfies, cheered on the Seahawks, ate a bag of cookies, even more naps! It was a thing of beauty.

I  should note that I did get in 2 great workouts because even though I was on chill mode, my workout schedule has become a part of my life rain or shine (peep the calories burned in my pics), but even working up a sweat was followed by a smoothie and chill session.

I'm a busy body and usually loathe standing still. My BF often asks me why I can never "just be" and it's something I struggle with. I like to be moving around, talking, shaking, dancing... being busy. This long weekend allowed me the opportunity to press pause and not really do anything... and it was nice. The best part of my weekend was ending things ending grits, drinking wine and listening to classic Sade on vinyl. A great weekend indeed.

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