Jan 17, 2013

How to Take the Perfect Instagram Picture (via @rihanna)

Rihanna takes flawless pictures. Period. Be it for fashion giants like Gucci and Armani, or her personal Instagram - - the camera loves her and she loves herself.

In her recent Complex interview, the bad gal gave tips for how to take the best self portrait because nobody can capture you the way you see yourself.

For once I actually agree with her - - nobody can take a picture like you can of yourself! I have found myself irritated TOO many times with the lackluster photography skills someone displayed while trying to capture a shot out and about.

I'm not trying to be a photo snob, but even with my short arms I can capture the entirety of my essence like no one else can. We live in a social media, self-portrait obsessed culture and I for one don't mind.

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