Jan 30, 2013

Hard Drive Wednesdays @ Network with DJ @jayilla

"For those too old for the Hump Day late night, but too young to be cooped up in the house. Not the turn up, it's the cool down."

As I get closer and closer to turning 30, I've started to wonder where the 28 - 35 crowd likes to hang. Everyone doesn't want to be busting it all the way open in a club on a Friday night. So, for those that enjoy a mid-week event radiating with casual coolness, Network is the answer.

Wednesdays at Network Cyber Bar & Grill have quickly become my version of "Cheers" -- a comfortable atmosphere featuring great food, drinks, and music... where everyone knows your name, and if they don't they're willing to learn.

DJ Jay Illa keeps the place grooving with melodic sounds, and the Network chefs and bar staff keep your drinks full and stomachs happy. Best part? There's no cover and the WiFi is AMAZINGLY fast.

What: Hard Drive Wednesdays
Where: Network Cyber Bar & Grill - 810 N. Clark
When: Every Wednesday 
Time: 8p-12a
Cost: Free 99

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