Jan 8, 2013

1 Week Challenge to Encourage and Inspire (video)

Following up to my blog post yesterday, I had the idea to try and challenge myself to encourage and inject life and hope into those around me. Now, this is something that I'm trying to do for the entire year, but over the next week I will make it my primary focus. I want to invest time and energy into actively uplifting those around me in ways I may have not done before.

To kick things off, I'm planning a brunch with some girlfriends on Sunday that will focus on us all sharing our goals and seeing how we can help one another get there. We all make time to twerk and party, but when's the last time you sat your circle of friends down and made an invested interest in what they're currently working on and asked how you could help? I'd like to think of it as a Female Fellowship Brunch full of Encouragement and Inspiration! Yeah, it's a mouthful lol... but my challenge to you is to do the same.

Challenge yourself to spend the next week actively encouraging and inspiring those around you. There's nothing better than lifting up your friends and in turn having them lift you up. We'll all be flying high on the shoulders of one another. Let's get high on this friendship peace pipe! lol... 

For those that feel like they are shoulders deep in working on themselves, choose you!! Consider it a Life Force Resuscitation. You can commit to spending the next week encouraging yourself, changing some habits, and injecting your life force with some much needed TLC.

** I filmed this video right before I hopped in bed... thus I look the part lol **
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