Jan 7, 2013

Encouragement Listens (via @CityChurchChi)

I went to church yesterday for the first time in forever. Seriously, it had been years since I rolled out of bed on a Sunday to praise and worship in the midst of others. While I don't consider myself an overly religious individual, I was raised with a strong spiritual foundation and have a relationship with god.

I was invited to City Church Chicago (777 N. Green St.) and had a great time. It's a mix of young urban professionals with and without kids, racially diverse - - very United Colors of Benetton, and the message is inspiring.

City Church Chicago

"Encouragement listens..."  was the tone of the message, and Pastor Kent went on to explain that we should all strive to open our spiritual ears and be of encouragement to others.  

There will always be things that can discourage and destabilize us, but we must remain focused and strengthened. Sometimes God allows undesirable things to happen to us. However, we should commit in the midst of those circumstances to build a life for ourselves. These "Trials by Fire" are meant to cause us to change some behavior, but stay faithful that God will bring us through and give us the life we ultimately want for ourselves.  

It was refreshing to have a completely different church experience. I was raised catholic in the suburbs and then went to Pentecostal churches on the South Side... but City Church Chicago was a much better reflection of who I am today and the type of ministry that appeals to me.

They offer 3 services on Sunday: 10a, Noon, and 6p. Super flexible for any schedule. You can learn more about City Church Chicago by visiting their website. They're also on Twitter and Facebook! Yay for being linked into the social media stratosphere in 2013 lol.

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