Jan 16, 2013

City of Chicago Parking Tickets: F*ck My Life

The City of Chicago has ZERO fucks to give for your car, life force essence, or sob stories. Basically, each time they write a ticket (be it warranted or not) they're saying, fuck you... pay us!

I'm starting to feel like living in Chicago isn't complete without a few parking tickets under your belt... or windshield wiper if I'm being more accurate. But for reals... these parking ticket struggles are REAL!!!

I want to write "fuck you" on them and mail it all back... but that does nothing, so I figured posting a blog to try and vent/help others would be more beneficial.

Getting a ticket is enough of a pain in the ass, but even harder is trying to figure out where in the hell to pay them. Everyone doesn't have the mental capacity to bother google searching where to pay their parking tickets. Some even  rip up every ticket and make it rain on their apartment floor, but before that happens it's good to at least know the options for paying. 

Need to pay a City of Chicago Parking Ticket? Click Here.

Need to search for how many tickets you actually have? Click Here.

Tickets busting your budget ALL the way open and need a payment plan? Click Here.

I actually didn't know the city offered payment plans for those with ticket fines approaching that "bust the budget all the way open" mark. They have 2 options: One for those with under $500 in tickets, and another for those with over $500 in tickets. Sidebar: If I had over $500 in parking tickets my life force would crumble.

The City of Chicago is greedy as fuck, so I shouldn't be surprised that they'll write a bogus ticket then be so gracious as to offer you a way to pay them back over time... but yeah, getting a boot is NOT a good look so I'd definitely suggest this as an option for those that don't have the money, don't wanna give them ALL that money at once, or are annoyed but don't wanna get a boot lol.

Under $500 in tickets?
  • This is a 6-month payment plan for motorists with $500 or less worth of parking or red-light ticket debt.
  • A deposit of 50% of the ticket debt is required.
  • Pay all outstanding boot, tow, tamper and storage fees.

Over $500 in tickets?
  • Requires a deposit of $500 or 25% of the parking or red-light ticket debt, whichever is greater.
  • Payments can be made over 1 year.
  • Pay all outstanding boot, tow, tamper and storage fees. Some plans may be eligible for an expanded duration of up to three years should monthly payments be over $100 when calculated for a twelve month term.

Not 1 ticket, but 2!! This is what everyone wants to see waiting on their car

If you need help contesting tickets properly, please feel free to hit up my girlfriend Jillian (click here). She is a PRO at navigating her way out of tickets lol...

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