Nov 3, 2010

Our family is growing...

Growing up in a family full of dogs (Chows, German Shepherds, and Pits) I never considered myself a cat person, but last night my husband and I fell in love with this cuddly cutie and wanted to give him a great home. His name is Smudge and he's a 3 month old Russian Blue.

To my surprise this breed is amazing for folks that have cat allergies (like me) so I was excited to be able to have a cat sans all the allergic reactions. Also, this is nothing new to cat lovers out there, but for someone that was accustomed to dogs it came as quite a shock to watch a cat pretty much take care of itself. You mean I don't have to throw on boots and a coat in the dead of winter to take it out for a walk??? Sign me up!!! Cats are growing on me more and more by the day.


afreshmusic said...

You fooled me. I thought this was a pregnancy announcement. Cute kitty by the way (from a person that isn't a fan of cats)

South Loop Social Light said...

haha... no kids quite yet. Maybe in a few years. I wasn't a cat person either... still haven't been fully converted, but I like our cat. It's cute and grows on me more and more each day.

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