Nov 22, 2010

Fashion Fix: Nude OTK Boots

Derek J from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is never one to disappoint with his outfits. While they usually make me let out a belly laugh, or huge sigh, I can't deny the fact that I was feeling his boots on last night's Watch What Happens.

When asked where he purchased his boots I was surprised to hear they were H by Halston, a line exclusively available at Bakers. I actually saw these boots in the store a few months ago and passed them up. I thought the metal detailing on the heel cheapened them and the visible platform toe wasn't working for me. However, Derek J managed to work these boots and give them some life. I'm thinking about checking them out in the store again - - maybe even trying them on.

For all of those that are interested, the Liza boots feature a suede texture, round toe and metal detail on the heel. The holiday season is here and you'll be glad to know that at $169.95 they're relatively affordable. You may even be able snag them cheaper this weekend on Black Friday.


Catherine said...

Lord, Derek J and his fashion choices. I like the taupe boots, but I just would have to get them treated because a stain would make me cry.

South Loop Social Light said...

I agree. I grab my spray for all my suede shoes. His outfit was a mess but he did make me give those boots a 2nd glance.

T said...

ooh, good find!

Bajan Beauty said...

If he can get those boots over his calves maybe there is hope for me to finally get some over the knee boots too! lol

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