Nov 11, 2010

Life Lessons from Sex and the City 4:1

While watching Season 4 Episode 1 of Sex and the City where Carrie turns 35 and finds herself alone at the restaurant and having to pay $70 for her own birthday cake, I was reminded of my own birthday this year - - what I'd like to call one of the worst birthdays ever!

Now, I'm not one to dwell on the past or drudge up negative things but this year I found myself turning 26 and without one of the most important people in my life - - my husband. He was deployed in Afghanistan and I was in Arizona trying to make the best of things. I don't know how it happened but all of my friends were either out of town, busy or flaked... let me clarify - - my Arizona friends lol.

Some of the ladies from a meetup group I had recently joined at the time came out to show me support which was greatly appreciated and a new girlfriend I had made came out too... but as I turned 26 I found myself surrounded by people that barely knew me and feeling more alone than ever before.

I'm an extreme person so I didn't handle the AZ birthday letdown too well. The next day I bought a ticket to Chicago so I could celebrate my birthday with my real friends. Like Carrie was able to salvage her 35th bday with a coffee shop visit with her girlfriends, my posse made sure I had a good time in Chicago.

This year's birthday definitely put into perspective my friendships and the things that matter most to me. I don't want to sound cold, but the experience put up a bit of a "birthday wall" in my soul causing me to never put myself in a position to be let down on my special day again... ever lol.

Have you ever had your friends flake on your birthday?


kcalana said...

Glad I got to share that day with you! I had family and friends flake often actually due to my birthday being in February. With the bad experiences I've had I kind of stopped celebrating it all together. This year was fun but I'm not looking forward to any others...

South Loop Social Light said...

The older we get the less birthdays matter. I mean, I'm grateful for another year and excited about getting older... but the focus isn't about gifts, clubs, etc. I just want to have dinner and be happy.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I recently saw that episode too! I love SATC!

I have not had birthday let down's but I have had some recent support let downs. I'm re-evaluating my friendships and weeding out who is not really here for me...

We need REAL people in our lives! I'm glad you have that, and that your REAL girls made you feel better! :)

My Name is not DANA!!! said...

I called myself trying to hang out with friends I hadn't seen since having my baby and they were so not the people I once knew and it left me really sour, but things turned out well when my hubby surprised me with Dinner plus a comedy show the next night. My lesson is learned.

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