Nov 27, 2010

Reality Check: Jilted?

The latest addition to the marriage minded WE tv lineup, Jilted? chronicles the journey of women tired of waiting for a proposal that decide to take matters into their own hands. Not only do they propose to their boyfriends, but they drop the bombshell ultimatum that everything is planned to happen within a week... or they will be gone forever. Talk about making a decision under pressure!

Call me old fashioned but I really believe that a marriage proposal should come from the man. I don't believe in relationship ultimatums either... it just seems like a recipe for disaster! You can't make someone do something they don't want to and marriage is the last thing you want to twist someone's arm to do. I understand that some men drag their feet and women just want to give them a gentle nudge... but going on a reality show where a wedding is planned to happen w/in 7 days? I think these women are playing themselves.

New episodes air Sunday nights on WE tv @ 10/9p central

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