Nov 24, 2010

Life Lessons from Sex and the City 4:3

In relationships we all have boundaries and in episode 3 (season 4) Miranda found herself faced with a boyfriend that was a bit too open... as in leaving the door wide open while he handled his business in the bathroom.

Personally I don't mind a quick #1 in front of my husband but anything more intense is definitely better left a solo activity.

When it comes to using the bathroom in front of your significant other do you have an open door policy?


ShandyLand said...

Honestly, it's cool if he doesn't mind being in the bathroom with me during #1 or if the door is hear it anyway. I would prefer for him not to see me sitting on the toilet...I guess just to keep that image out of his head. lol I agree with you on the rest...definitely no open door policy.

Also, with guys it's different...well not really, my bf is open to #1, open door...but not anything either. lol

South Loop Social Light said...

I was recently in the bathroom w/ my husband and learned was a "split stream" was lol... now I just walk out lol

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