Nov 22, 2010

Life Lessons from Sex and the City 4:2

"When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep on walking..." - Carrie

In the 2nd episode of Season 4 Carrie found herself faced with the humiliating reality of falling down in the middle of the runway during a fashion show. She was literally fashion roadkill.

While I haven't experienced a catwalk tumble, I was recently told that the publishing company I've been working with the past 2+ years would not be renewing my contract. Luckily it was written into my contract (when I moved from Chicago and became a consultant) that either party could cancel at anytime, but there would have to be a 2 week notice.

In the last week I've been faced with having to find a job in a city that is known more for their college football team than media outlets. I keep coming back to Carrie's statement regarding how people fall down in life and get right back up and keep on walking. Much like that statement I've been using this employment glitch as an opportunity to remind myself how resourceful I can be and keep on walking.

Regardless of our circumstances life will always happen. It's how we deal with these things that will inevitably shape us into the people we'll become. When is the last time you've had to dust yourself off and keep on moving?
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