Dec 29, 2013

Beyonce Spends $6k on Sex Toys?

When news broke of Beyonce and Jay-Z having a $6k "Drunk in Love" shopping spree in a sex shop, it got me to thinking... how does one actually drop $6k in a sex shop?

Babeland Official Store, Jimmyjane Little Steel Tonight Eternity, Vibrators, 01 625 00
Jimmyjane Little Steel Tonight
Well, first my boyfriend asked the question... let me give him some credit, but then it got me to thinking... what in the world can someone spend $6k worth of coins on? Gold plated butt plugs, sex swings covered in Swarvoski Crystals, a fancy dildo for each day of the week?

Well, I did a little research (because I live in Seattle and I actually DO have that type of free time lol) and if you're in the market to drop thousands of dollars on sex toys, there IS an actual market for you!

Retailer 'Babeland' (the store Beyonce and Jay-Z were at), has a host of items to tickle your fancy.  I did a little research and discovered the Jimmyjane Little Steel Tonight Eternity vibrator retails for $2k.

Yes!! You read that correctly. 2 Thousand dollars. Why? Well, one end is covered in 28 round cut, black diamonds. If diamonds are a girl's best friend, this vibrator takes things to the next level! Yowzers.

Babeland Official Store, Lelo Yva, Vibrators, 01 043 00
Lelo Yva Vibrator
Or you could buy the Lelo Yva, an 18-karat gold plated vibrator for $3,900!! Those are a lot of coins to drop on sexual pleasure.

Just looking at the prices on these items had my eyes bulging out of my head. Yes, this is probably chump change to the Carters, but all I could think about was: 1) buying a vibrator for $4k OR 2) hopping a flight to Thailand and luxuriating for a week or two. Hmmmm... that's an easy decision to make lol.

So, my question to you: What's the most you've ever dropped on sex toys?

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