Dec 6, 2013

Nike Dunk Sky Hi Sneakers

I'm the furthest thing from a sneaker head, but life in Seattle has been making me feel a bit more hipster. Seattle has this extremely relaxed vibe that has been inspiring me to add a bit more comfort to my style. Of course this comfort is not going to come at the expense of having actual style... don't get it twisted, some Seattle folks take their comfortable style and look a bit too boho (read: homeless) and that's NOT what's up. I'm back commuting to work and I promised to never be one of those chicks on public transit rocking hideous gymshoes as I come and go. No way, Jose.

In an effort to have comfort and shoes that make my eyes twinkle, I thought the Nike Dunk Sky Hi line of sneakers would be the answer to my commuter shoes prayer. The 3 styles I'm currently googly eyed over are the Nike Dunk Sky Hi, Nike Dunk Sky Hi Paris, and Nike Dunk Sky Hi Sneakerboot. As of right now I'm telling myself to just pick one (the sneakerboot is in first place)... but if my money is looking right I just MIGHT snag all 3.

For all of my commuters, what's your shoe of choice for the Fall/Winter?

These shoes are absolutely gorgeous and speak to my soul! The army green and black leather make my life force delight... I can already imagine rocking these with leggings and a bold, red lip! Winter uniform.

When I initially saw these shoes I could only see the Gold. That alone was enough for me to buy them... let's be honest, my inner Persian was doing a 2-step. The quilted print is giving me a Chanel vibe, and although I'm not obsessed with the brand I do love the hints of black in the print. Black is my favorite color and these would be a dope way to add some pop to an all black get up.

These shoes make my heart sing. They were divinely made for the soles of my feet to survive my first winter in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe "survive" is a dramatic word since the winters are much more mild than Chicago... but I am beyond thrilled to welcome these sneakerboots into my wardrobe. I'm still on the fence about which color to get, but seriously... you can't go wrong with either.

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