Dec 12, 2013

Thick Neck Thursday: Beard Season

Here Is a Jason Momoa Appreciation Gif Wall Because Jason Momoa
'Tis the season to turn all the way up and praise the lord for beards! Yes, that glorious, downward growing crown of jewels only a lucky few are able to grow.

There's just something so sexy about a man that can grow a beard. A nice full beard. Not a struggle beard. Let's keep it 100 -- we ALL know someone that has that odd patchy looking beard. Why? I don't know... like a guy going bald yet trying to hang on to those few strands... just let it go!

Anyways, who better to kick off Beard Season than the ultimate thick neck Jason Momoa. Can we take a moment of silence for the fine specimen of man that is Jason Momoa... and the church said Amen!!! So, yeah... in honor of beard season (my favorite season), I'm going to dedicate every thick neck Thursday to our bearded beauties!

Come join me for this exciting ride using the hashtag #TNTBeardSeason

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