Dec 9, 2013

Seattle Public Transit (via @KCMetroBus)

Guess who's back riding the bus!! I'm probably the only person that actually gets excited about a commute on public transit, but it's mainly for the blog fodder. I wasn't sure if Seattle would bring the crazy shenanigans I was accustomed to seeing on the CTA (i.e. Adventures on the CTA), but after my first week riding the bus it's safe to say Seattle has its own type of crazy.

Being new to the city I had no clue how the public transit worked out here. I took to the King County Metro Bus website in order to map out my trip and see which bus route worked best for me.

After I figured that out, I downloaded the "One Bus Away" app to figure out the schedule. Seattle has been rather cold this week and I'm not about that waiting at the bus stop indefinitely life. "One Bus Away" has been pretty good at letting me know up to the minute schedules, including delays and if the bus is running ahead of time. If you're using public transportation in Seattle this app is a must!

So, the most important thing: Shenanigans! Yes, there are still shenanigans going on with the public transit system. During my first day I saw a man stumbling off the bus so drunk, he almost face planted on the pavement. I also saw a lady rocking a Dereon-type jacket with bright orange hair and a fur hood. Ghetto chic.

Well-behaved commuters
As for what I've found to be the most odd part of my particular bus route, it'd have to be how well-behaved everyone is! Yes, the people in Seattle that ride my line are for the most part quiet, well-mannered, and very ho hum. Luckily I work downtown and get to see some action from the other ratchet lines, but I might as well be riding Chicago's Brown Line or like the 151 lol... which is a HUGE change for me. Y'all know I was on the #3, #4, or god forbid #29.

Anyways, this is a pic I took the other night during my commute home. Observe the people sitting orderly, feet right in front of them, staring straight ahead or into their phones. Yes, this is what I experienced and it was quite nice. Almost like being on the Metra "quiet car." On top of that, the bus was actually clean. You mean to tell me I won't have to avoid empty bottles, sunflower seeds or piles of newspapers? Winning.

Please join me on my new adventure taking Seattle's public transit: #OrcaTales

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