Oct 27, 2013

Operation: Don't Eff Up My New Growth

So... I've decided to "long term transition" my hair back to being 100% healthy and THICK! I've acknowledged the texture changes I experienced due to color, heat, life... who knows what else. Everything, perhaps? But a portion of my hair is comprised of ends that are technically "healthy" (no splits, etc) but thin. I have NO desire to be part of the TWA club, so a long term transition is on the menu. In all honesty, part of me feels a bit silly calling this a long term transition since I've been relaxer free for years now and originally transitioned back in 2009, but alas I want all-over thick hair. I've fallen in love with the thickness of my new growth and for once am my own hair lust.

Where to start? Like most things I just slowly started doing healthier things and then one day decided to actually "title" my new habits. I last colored my hair back in March/April, so all of the growth since then has been color free. I got my Brazilian Blowout last month, but through trial and error know that was never the cause to any permanent hair changes.

For those that are curious, you can check out my previous posts back in 2010 documenting the Brazilian Blowouts I received on freshly big chopped, natural hair... no color, no anything! The growth retention was awesome and I never experienced permanent changes to my texture.

You can also see that fresh off my big chop, and Pre- Brazilian Blowout, the front texture of my curls was always looser than the rest of my hair (picture to the right). It actually looks a little strange... but you know, hair can have a mind of its own!

Anyways, check out the below video to see my official start at documenting my journey. For the style in the video I used various sized  perm rods on flat twists. This was done on stretched hair, not blown out hair. The goal is to phase out the wispy, thinner ends and have thick, solid hair on my entire head.

Where are you on your hair journey?

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